Contact persons

Contact Persons

Manhole Covers & Drainage Channels
Portrait photo Internal Sales Representative Lennart Flege

Lennart Flege
Internal Sales
+49 4431 9355-29

Portrait photo Internal Sales Representative Christian Junker

Christian Junker
Internal Sales
+49 4431 9355-23

Portrait photo Internal Sales Representative Jana Klammt

Jana Klammt
Internal Sales
+49 4431 9355-21

Portrait photo Sales Manager Christian Wenzing

Christian Wenzing
Sales Manager
+49 4431 9355-20

Gardening & Landscaping
Icon contact

Annette Zimmermann
Internal Sales
+49 4431 9355-902

Jan-Luca Rustler
Internal Sales
+49 4431 9355-792

HYDROTEC Internal sales representative Andrea Kramer for gardening and landscaping

Andrea Kramer
Internal Sales
+49 4431 9355-48

Portrait photo Sales Manager and Produkt Manager Swetlana Neufeld

Swetlana Neufeld
Sales Manager
+49 4431 9355-927

Product Management

Alexander Kuster
Application Engineer Linear Drainage
+49 4431 9355-13

Regina Sauer
Product Manager Drainage Technology
+49 4431 9355-929

Portrait photo Assistant to the Executive Board Linda Apke

Linda Apke
Assistant of the Board
+49 4431 9355-65

Uwe Brinkschulte
Chairman of the Board
+49 4431 9355-0

Portrait photo Human Resources Manager Melanie Lüdeke-Dalinghaus

Melanie Lüdeke-Dalinghaus
Assistant of the Board
+49 4431 9355-65

Portrait photo Member of the Board Jürgen Unewisse

Jürgen Unewisse
Member of the Board
+49 4431 9355-0

About us

The HYDROTEC Technologies AG is a family-run business that operates internationally and offers manhole covers, gully tops, drainage channels, surface boxes as well as products from the landscaping sector.


HYDROTEC Technologies AG
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