Our Result for the City Cycling 2023

Unser Ergebnis zum Stadtradeln 2023

Group of people cycling

For 21 days (01.05. - 21.05.) we pedaled hard to collect many kilometers for the nationwide competition City Cycling.

Of the 154,575 kilometers cycled in the district of Oldenburg (Germany), we cycled a proud 3,186 kilometers. In addition, we were able to save 516.1 kilograms of CO2 during this period (in the district of Oldenburg, a whole 25 tons of CO2)! Overall, we achieved a good 17th place out of 75 participants in the Oldenburg district.

The competition aims to improve the cycling infrastructure and make the mobility switch from cars to cycling more attractive. Climate and environmental protection play a part in this. According to the Federal Environment Agency, those who cycle more and leave their cars behind save 140 g of CO2 emissions per person-kilometer. In addition, air pollutants (particulate matter, nitrogen oxides) and road noise are also reduced.

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