Drainage channel in the modernized bayernhafen Regensburg

Efficient container terminal in Regensburg

With a throughput by ship and rail of almost 2.8 million tons per year, bayernhafen Regensburg is at the top of the total of six important inland ports operated by the bayernhafen logistics network on a total port area of around 800 hectares and with more than 400 companies located there.

Transshipment point on one of the most important trade routes in Europe

In the Bavarian city of Regensburg, located on the Danube - one of Europe's most important trade routes - and on the Rhine-Danube corridor, bayernhafen Regensburg acts as a hub for freight traffic in the entire eastern Bavarian region and is one of the core network ports of European importance defined by the EU.

Around 80 companies are located here on more than 180 hectares of port area. In order to be able to operate even better, more efficiently and, above all, more sustainably in the future, the container terminal at Westhafen has now been modernized on the existing space. In the new trailer port for continental traffic, exchange bridges and semi-trailers are loaded onto the railroad, thus saving transport distances on the road.

Modernized container terminal at the Westhafen port

This "intermodal transport", in which at least two different modes of transport are combined to form a transport chain, makes it possible to avoid costly and time-consuming traffic jams, save on tolls and at the same time protect the environment.

Among other things, bayernhafen Regensburg has invested in terminal digitalization, the terminal area has been directly connected to the water, rail tracks have been extended, electrification of rail tracks has been expanded, traffic flow at rail crossings in the port area has been improved, additional capacity for transalpine freight traffic has been created, and handling has been optimized.

HYDROblock® system - heavy-duty ductile iron channel

Logistics areas, often several thousand square meters in size as in bayernhafen Regensburg, place high demands on the formation of a level surface. At the same time, a drainage system must ensure that surface water is safely drained away. The planners of the construction project decided to use drainage channels of type HYDROblock® DN150 with an inlet cross section of 513 cm²/m. The installation of this linear drainage system is advantageous not only with regard to the monolithic construction.

The monolithic design and thus the absence of loose parts is predestined for high loads, even in the case of transverse overflow. Matching inspection elements allow easy maintenance and cleaning.

Modernized container terminal at the Westhafen port

Due to the material EN-GJS -500 (ductile cast iron), it also offers significant advantages over other materials in terms of material fatigue, especially in the heavy load range.

Another advantage of HYDROblock® is its ease of installation. Thanks to the push-fit socket system, the drainage channel can be connected like a pipe by spigot end and socket. This allows full compatibility with commercially available KG pipes. The integrated NBR socket seal at the channel joint ensures the tightness of the channel system even in case of possible settlements. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the HYDROblock® drainage channel can be paved, concreted or asphalted directly, regardless of the load class.

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