Drainage channels at Falkensee in Berlin

Full speed ahead towards the future

The new depot of the Havelbus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH in Falkensee planned by the architects Seidl & Seidl is sustainable in several respects and thus contributes a great deal to the change in traffic. The drainage products of HYDROTEC Technologies AG are essential components for natural drainage.

The new depot of Havelbus Transport company ltd.

Havelbus Transport company ltd., based in Falkensee near Berlin, has invested around 7.8 million euros in its depot extension on Straße der Einheit, thus taking a pioneering step toward the future. As the only contribution from Havelland, the depot even made it into the "Day of Architecture" shortly after its completion in 2021.

A social and administrative complex covering a total of 560 square meters houses, among other things, a generously designed conference area, modern premises for the many trainees and employees with changing areas and sanitary facilities, a roof terrace and a completely barrier-free customer office.

Sustainably planned

During the planning process, those responsible placed the highest value on sustainability and had a photovoltaic system installed on around 40 percent of the approximately 1,000 square meter roof area, which produces a maximum of 55 kW/h to supply the site's own electricity. In addition, all roof surfaces are greened for water recovery, and 85 percent of the building can be heated via heat recovery. Publicly accessible e-charging stations for cars have also been thought of. In addition, the company is currently testing alternative drive technologies from renewable energies, such as hydrogen.

The approximately 1,750-square-meter bus canopy and a 980-square-meter workshop area provide sufficient space for parking or for maintenance, repair and cleaning.

Near natural drainage

The company is also making a further contribution to climate and environmental protection at the depot with the implementation of the concept of near-natural drainage, developed by AG PROTZMANN + WEGWERTH Arbeitsgruppe für Landschaftsarchitektur PartGmbB, which also provided the planning of the entire outdoor facilities, such as paved areas, drainage, equipment and greenery. The aim is to ensure that the rainwater, which is valuable for groundwater extraction, is not discharged into the sewage system as quickly as possible, but instead is allowed to seep away in a gentle manner, thus returning it to the natural water cycle.
This is achieved at the depot, among other things, because the entire area is not completely sealed with concrete, but paved in such a way that surface water seeps away directly or, after pre-cleaning, seeps into infiltration trenches and ditches.

Drainage channel HYDROblock®, monolithic and robust

Drainage channels from Hydrotec Technologies AG are used throughout the site. On the one hand, they ensure that surface water is drained quickly and safely, and on the other hand, they easily withstand the heavy loads imposed by the heavy buses. In accordance with the hydraulic performance calculation, the HYDROblock drainage system was installed in nominal sizes DN 200 (inlet cross-section 718 cm²/m) and DN 100 (325 cm²/m).

Due to the material EN-GJS -500 (ductile cast iron), the drainage channels offer advantages over other materials in terms of material fatigue, especially in the heavy load range. The monolithic design and thus the absence of loose parts is predestined for high loads, even in the case of transverse overpassing. The robust HYDROblock® system can be used up to load class F 900 according to DIN EN 1433.

Suitable inspection elements allow easy maintenance and cleaning. In the transition area between the visitor parking lot and the customer office, channel elements with a special surface design and large inlet cross-section (645 cm²/m) were installed to provide pedestrians with a safe footing even in adverse weather conditions.

Another advantage of the HYDROblock® is its easy installation. Thanks to the push-fit socket system, the drainage channel can be connected like a pipe by spigot end and socket. This allows full compatibility with commercially available KG pipes. The integrated NBR socket seal at the channel joint ensures the tightness of the channel system even in case of possible settlements. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the HYDROblock® drainage channel can be paved, concreted or asphalted directly, regardless of the load class.

Drainage channel MAXI, the all-rounder

Drainage channels of the MAXI DN 150 / D 400 system were installed in areas of the visitors' parking lots. Made of fiber-reinforced concrete C35/45, the channel bodies can be used for road pavements, industrial areas with heavy transport and also airfields and harbors with high wheel loads (250 kN to 900 kN test load according to DIN EN 1433) thanks to a 5 mm thick edge protection and the robust covers made of ductile cast iron. Eight shear safety points per linear meter are used to absorb and transfer braking forces in the longitudinal direction, for example. Anchoring ribs to prevent "floating" and preforms for vertical drains DN 100/150 complete the advantageous properties of the MAXI drainage system.

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