Preventing Backwater and Flooding

Some residents in the small town of Lübz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have often felt that the climate has changed in recent years. Extreme weather events such as heavy rain and the associated flooding have unfortunately occurred more often in the area of Mühlenstraße, at the corner of "An der Elde". With the installation of a new, large-volume drainage channel by Hydrotec Technologies AG, flooding in this area will now be a thing of the past.

When dark clouds gathered in the sky and heavy rainfall caused large amounts of rain to collect on the street, business people and residents in and around Eldestraße were worried. All too often, the sewage system was overwhelmed, causing surface water to enter business premises and homes. Since the beginning of the year, the situation has been remedied by a new linear drainage system, which was installed in parts of Mühlenstraße and along the entire length of Eldestraße. The dimensioning of the installed drainage channel MAXI PRO plays an essential role. Depending on the hydraulic performance requirements, channel elements with a nominal width of 300 mm and an overall height of 400 mm were provided.

With a drainage capacity of up to approx. 80 l/s, the system is able to absorb and quickly drain large volumes of water. Further advantages of the channel system are the integrated damping insert, which ensures less wear and tear on the cast parts and guarantees a steady position of the grating, as well as the locking system that lock the grating and the channel body firmly together. The locking protection caps provide additional shift protection for the screws and protection against dirt. In addition, the 5 mm edge protection made of ductile cast iron guarantees maximum stability.

In the area of Eldestraße, the installed roadside drainage also takes over the task of roadside drains, via which surface water is absorbed in conventional applications. Via the DN 300 channel elements, the water reaches a short sewer pipe, which flows into the Elde.

Discharge of the water into the Elde.

Radial installation of the drainage channel with up to 70 cuts.

Following the curves

A particular challenge in the installation of the channel used as roadside drainage was the road layout. Up to 70 cuts to the channel body were necessary to follow the radial course of Eldestraße. Supported on a 25 cm thick concrete bed and provided with a 20 cm thick back support on both sides, the already robust concrete channels withstand the highest loads (class E 600).

The combination of masterly craftsmanship by the construction company Tiefbau Kienapfel GmbH, which carried out the cutting work on site with millimetre precision, and the high-performance drainage system MAXI PRO now allow residents to keep calm even in the heaviest rain.

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Additional images from Lübz
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Road safety through effective drainage

Drainage on the A99 motorway with our ECON gully tops.

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close-up drainage channel HYDROblock with excavator

Extremely strong, especially in the heavy-duty range

HYDROblock drainage channel in a production area in Kirchdorf.

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Drainage channel at the track boundary

Drainage at the Bilster Berg race track

Drainage channels at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort

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