Road safety through effective drainage

As a central element in the network of federal motorways in Bavaria, the federal motorway 99 is one of the busiest stretches in the whole of Central Europe and is the busiest section in the whole of Germany. The motorway ring, which was already planned in the 1930s, runs from the A 96 in the southwest via the A 8 in the northwest and the A 92 in the north-northwest to the A 9 in the north and on to the A 94 in the east and the A 8/ A 995 in the south.

Extremely high traffic volume

At peak times, up to 160,000 vehicles pass the Munich city area here every day. Traffic jams are inevitable, especially during rush hour and holidays, and they also spread to the surrounding traffic network and into the city of Munich. In order to cope with the ever-increasing traffic volume, the A99 has already been widened to a total of eight lanes on an eight-kilometre section between Nordkreuz and the Aschheim/Ismaning junction between 2016 and 2019.

Five lanes in each direction

In a second step, the almost three-kilometre-long section between Aschheim/Ismaning and Kirchheim will be upgraded by the end of 2023, followed by the section between Kirchheim and Haar - including the München-Ost motorway junction. In addition to the eight-lane expansion, a system for temporarily opening the hard shoulder is also being installed, so that a total of ten lanes - i.e. five in each direction - will be available during peak traffic and travel times. Because the entire widening of the A99 is taking place with traffic flowing, the project is tantamount to open-heart surgery, emphasises a spokesperson for Autobahn GmbH. After all, the planners of the motorway, which went into operation in 1975, had thought ahead and created an enormously wide central reservation. In this way, the motorway can be widened inwards - a large amount of land is thus avoided.

Road safety through effective drainage

In order to provide road users with the greatest possible safety even in bad weather conditions, the road drainage system was also rehabilitated along the expansion stretch so that fast and effective drainage of the 8 lanes is ensured even in the event of large amounts of rainwater.

Since it is not uncommon for cars or even trucks to "stray" to the gutter area where the drainage facilities are located, driving over the road gullies can cause damage to the attachments if the load is too high. So here, particularly resistant components are required that are also economical. The robust HYDROTEC ECON gully tops with a total weight of approx. 57 kilograms are made of ductile cast iron and are designed for load class D 400.

Equipped with the replaceable HYDROpren insert made of polychloroprene according to DIN 53505, premature wear is prevented, thus ensuring high abrasion resistance and durability.

Improved noise protection

Incidentally, not only road users benefit from the expansion of the motorway ring road, but also the people living along the A99, because noise protection along the motorway will be considerably improved, among other things by noise protection systems with a height of up to ten metres (noise protection wall combinations).

More information about the ECON system

Additional project reports
close-up drainage channel HYDROblock with excavator

Extremely strong, especially in the heavy-duty range

HYDROblock drainage channel in a production area in Kirchdorf.

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Radial installation of the drainage channel

Preventing Backwater and Flooding

Radial installation of the MAXI PRO drainage channel.

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Drainage channel at the track boundary

Drainage Channel at Bilster Berg Race Track

Drainage channels at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort.

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