The solution for heavily loaded roads

The solution for heavily loaded roads

Everyone knows them. The small and the large, the round and the square manhole covers on our streets. While they provide access to all kinds of pipes responsible for underground infrastructure, they are often a nuisance to motorists, cyclists and roadside residents. If they do not suffer damage themselves, manhole covers are often responsible for causing impairment, if not damage, to people or machinery. This makes the maintenance or, where necessary, the renovation of these "manhole covers" all the more important.

The solution for heavily loaded main roads

The employees of HAMBURG WASSER, Hamburg's drinking water supply and wastewater disposal company, who are responsible for this area, also know how complex the rehabilitation of a manhole cover is. The execution of the rehabilitation measure on site by a specialised company plays the most important role. After all, road users want and should be impeded as little as possible by the measures necessary in the event of a rehabilitation project. Only when all parties involved in a rehabilitation measure, such as the civil engineering office, the police, the operator and the coordination office for construction sites on main roads, have given their consent and agreed among themselves, can the measures be implemented. Especially on the inner-city entrance and exit roads, the main traffic arteries, it is necessary to carry out the rehabilitation work quickly with the help of specialised companies and using suitable materials.

Ready for maximum loads

Manhole covers have to withstand considerable stresses, because they are often located in areas of the carriageway that are particularly exposed to high wheel loads from heavy traffic. In order to achieve economic and thus sustainable rehabilitation, manhole covers must meet the requirements of DIN EN 124. It regulates fundamental properties and the monitoring of a product, such as the specification of definitions, classes, materials, construction and testing principles, marking and quality monitoring for tops and covers, as well as operational and traffic safety.

The TECHNIplan Plus manhole cover for heavy-duty applications enables the best possible bond and load transfer due to its radially inverted / concave design. This feature additionally strengthens and forms the mortar joint in the edge area and at the point of support. A larger bearing surface prevents the manhole cover from sinking and the occurring loads on the cone are reduced. The frame consists of a T-cast ring and a concrete frame C35/45 with steel reinforcement. This construction can handle a pressure load of 90 tonnes (F 900).

Due to the optimal load transfer, a significantly longer durability of the cover is given. In addition, the internal manhole cover can be pulled out if necessary, e.g. for asphalt surface rehabilitation.

The TECHNIplan Plus system

The HYDROpur® insert is also available as an option in the TECHNIplan Plus system. This ensures rattle-free operation with minimal abrasion and wear values. The manhole cover can also be used in combination with the HYDROpur® insert and a spring arm lock and hinge. The hinge allows a 110° inspection position of the cover and is removable at 90°.

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