Drainage channels and tree protection at the future station in Cottbus

Modern transport hub at the "future station"

Cottbus is known as a university town and the "capital" of Niederlausitz. Brandenburg's second-largest city is easily reached via the railway station, which was extensively renovated and modernised in 2020. Last year, the Pro-Rail Alliance named Brandenburg's largest staff station "Station of the Year". Brandenburg's largest passenger station is now bright and clean and has become a "modern, customer-friendly hub" with short distances.

Future station for more passenger satisfaction

The renovation of the station building, which cost a total of 30 million euros, took place within the framework of the nationwide project "Future Station", in which new concepts for higher passenger satisfaction are to be tested. Among other things, new seating and charging facilities for electrical appliances were created. The main building was redesigned in terms of colour, the platforms and the tunnel system were renewed. In addition, a modern station forecourt with nine bus platforms and a central tram stop was created to serve as a traffic hub. For the visually impaired, an extensive guidance system for the blind was laid.

Quickly drained all along the line

When planning open spaces, in addition to design aspects, the requirements for safe drainage and the protection of plantings must be taken into account. Especially in the case of large-scale sealing with impermeable paving and asphalting, it must be ensured that surface water is quickly absorbed and drained by drainage facilities. Line drainage systems offer good solution options for large and slightly sloping surfaces, among other things due to their simple installation.

MAXI line drainage system

Our MAXI linear drainage system was also used on the station forecourt in Cottbus, both parallel to the tram tracks and in the transition area to the bus platforms. Channel elements with a nominal width of NW 100 were installed in accordance with the hydraulic performance requirements. The channel bodies, made of fibre-reinforced concrete C35/45, can be used for roadways, industrial areas with heavy transport and also airfields and harbours with high wheel loads (250 kN to 900 kN test load according to DIN EN 1433) due to a 5 mm thick cast iron edge protection, the robust covers made of ductile cast iron as well as a screwless locking device and longitudinal shear protection.

Protection for climate improvers

In the urban environment, trees improve the microclimate, beautify streets and attract insects and birds. At the same time, they provide shade and have a filter function for pollutants and dust particles from the air. This makes it all the more important to protect the trunk and root system from mechanical damage. Our tree protection system can thus also ensure effective tree protection on the station forecourt in Cottbus. Tree grates primarily have the task of protecting the soil in the vicinity of the tree trunk from excessive compaction caused by walking or driving over it. At the same time, optimally designed tree grates can ensure that sufficient precipitation reaches the root system and that aeration of the soil is ensured.

Tree protection system with many advantages

Our tree grates already offer significant advantages during installation. Both the tree grates made of ductile cast iron and the concrete foundation are divided into segments to facilitate transport and installation. While root recesses in the foundation ensure optimal passage of the tree roots, a removable inner section offers the possibility of adapting the tree grate to the larger growing tree. Drains are usually laid along the root system for irrigation and aeration of the tree. Easy access is ensured via the irrigation and aeration opening in individual segments, so that the soil under the tree grate can be supplied with water beyond the rainfall if necessary. In addition to the irrigation and aeration openings, the tree grates can also be equipped with ground spotlights that mark the trees in the dark and at the same time provide accents on paths and parking areas. To protect the lower part of the tree trunk from damage, the tree grate can be supplemented with a robust collision guard.

Individual delivery possible

Our tree grates can be supplied natural or coated. The durable, non-slip coating is corrosion-protective, weather and UV-resistant and has a high mechanical resistance. For individual adaptation to the design of the paved area, the tree grates can be coated in all RAL and DB colour shades. While tree grates protect the roots and the soil, tree protection grates are used especially for younger plantings. Made of galvanised steel and coated on request, the gratings provide protection against damage to the trunk and crown. Perfectly matched to each other, the tree guards can be firmly screwed to the tree grate segments with special U-bolts. Depending on the installation situation and tree protection requirements, tree guards are available in various shapes and heights as well as in one-piece or two-piece designs.

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