Tree protection systems at the Saseler market place

Tree protection systems at the Saseler market place

After its redesign, the market square in Sasel in the northeast of Hamburg presents itself as an attractive center with a high quality of stay. The young, newly planted trees are protected by tree grates with collision protection.

The market place in Sasel in the northeast of Hamburg

Where cars used to line up one after the other, a meeting place has been created as part of the "Development Perspective Promenade and Market Square" commissioned back in 2012, which meets the demand for a uniformly and attractively designed center. On behalf of the Wandsbek district authority, the market area and the cul-de-sac south of the market square were completely redeveloped in accordance with the "Sasel Consensus" established in 2014.

Clear, harmonious and inviting

With the help of uniform gray paving broken up by light-colored stones, the historic center now presents itself much more clearly for pedestrians as well as for cyclists and motorists with a harmonious and inviting structure. Parking, which used to be allowed on the entire area, is now only possible on the western half of the market square; the eastern half invites visitors to linger as a car-free area with seating. In the course of the redesign, the important local supply center was also made barrier-free and now offers significantly more space for strolling. It has been impressively successful here in uniting the interests of road users, business operators and residents. 

The promenade realized on the north side with a checkerboard, parking spaces for bicycles and cargo bikes, as well as seating and a StadtRAD station, also scores visually thanks to the newly planted, climate-resistant trees. The still young trees are protected by tree grates with collision protection.

HYDROTEC tree protection system: robust and protective

In the urban environment, trees improve the climate, beautify streets and attract insects and birds. At the same time, they provide shade and have a filtering function for pollutants and dust particles from the air. This makes it all the more important to protect the trunk and root system from mechanical damage. By the tree protection system of HYDROTEC, at the newly designed Saseler market place consisting of tree grate and approach protection, an effective tree protection can be guaranteed. The tree grates, which are made of ductile cast iron, protect the soil and thus the root area from excessive compaction of unsealed ground surfaces by motor vehicles, for example. Due to the design principle, the tree grates are capable of absorbing possible pressure loads and discharging them into the edge area or foundation. In combination with an insertion frame, the tree grates can withstand a wheel load of 15 kN to 50 kN (unbraked).

Another advantage is the grate design, which allows precipitation to seep away and the soil to be aerated through generous slots in the tree grate. Additional irrigation openings, which can optionally be equipped with soil emitters, ensure easy access.

In addition, transport and installation is facilitated by four segments of the tree grates and foundations. They can be assembled into a robust, square whole in just a few simple steps. The tree grates are powder-coated in RAL 9005 (black) as standard and can be ordered in other colors or without coating (natural).

Collision protection with potential

In order to offer the young and sensitive trunks of the newly planted trees at Saseler Markt the greatest possible protection, additional collision protection was installed on the tree grates. They enclose the lower part of the trunks at a generous distance and prevent major damage up to a height of 50 cm caused by the possible impact of motor vehicles on the tree trunk. Type-F elements, also made of cast iron, consist of six parts and are suitable for HYDROTEC tree grates with circular center opening of 700 mm.

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