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Following its renovation, the historic Goetheplatz in Weimar, an important traffic junction, now meets all accessibility requirements and invites you to stroll around with its new paving. Hydrotec tree grates that can be paved contribute to the realization of a uniform sidewalk design.

Goetheplatz cultural monument

The long list of cultural monuments in the city also includes the entire Goetheplatz in the north-west of Weimar's old town. Many Weimar Classical buildings can be found here, with the square dominated by the impressive Renaissance post office building. Today, Goetheplatz is the most important interface between local public transport and the city center and is served by all of the city's bus routes. As the expansion measures at this important traffic junction in the 1999 cultural year proved to be insufficient, large areas on the east and west sides have now been renovated and repaved and asphalted, and the bus stops have been made barrier-free.

New plaster for more comfort

The roadway in the bus stop area stands out from the rest of the roadway with its light-colored asphalt and at the same time matches the wide sidewalk areas. In addition to standard natural stone paving, appropriately processed natural stone paving is now also used here to increase walking comfort and ease of use. In order to achieve accessibility for people with visual impairments, a guidance system for the blind was also installed.

A frame for the trees

The planners also decided to replace the existing grates around the existing trees in the footpath area with pavable tree grates and to make the area as usable as possible right up to the tree. The stones form a square around the tree, which stands out visually from the segmental arch paving of the footpath and breaks up the overall picture. This type of framing tree protection is made possible by special products from Hydrotec Technologies AG.

Hydrotec tree grates for paving

Barely visible, paved tree grates can protect the roots and soil around the tree from excessive compaction and ensure an even paved surface. Precipitation seeps away directly around the central, larger opening and the water-permeable joints between the paving stones.

The square Hydrotec tree grates with external dimensions of 1,500 x 1,500 mm are made of galvanized steel and provide sufficient space for the tree trunk with internal dimensions of 600 x 600 mm for years to come. The steel frame construction, which can be optionally reinforced with a concrete foundation, can withstand a wheel load of 15 kN to 50 kN unbraked.

Drainage channel HYDROblock in front of factory hall

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Large-scale drainage in Wolde.

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Full speed ahead towards the future

HYDROblock drainage channel in Falkensee.

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HYDROTEC tree protection system: Robust and protective

Tree protection on the Sasel market square

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