Drainage Channel MAXI PRO

for heavy duty traffic and large amounts of water

Load class E 600 – F 900
Nominal width (mm) 300 | 400

Drainage channel for heavy duty traffic (industrial areas, airport surfaces, docks etc.). With the damping insert and the special screw bars a noiseless position and the compliance with high safety requirements are ensured. With a outflow capacity of up to around 80 l/s (Nominal size 400 mm, Length 1.000 mm) even large amounts of water can be drained quickly and safely.

Drainage channel MAXI PRO

Product benefits

Drainage channel MAXI PRO with damping insert


A noiseless position of the grating is ensured by the integrated damping insert, because no contact between the ductile iron grating and the ductile iron edge protection can occur.

Drainage channel MAXI PRO with ductile iron edge protection

Edge protection

The 5 mm powerful ductile iron edge protection provides the highest stability in all load classes.

Drainage channel MAXI PRO with special locking system

Special locking system

MAXI PRO ensures maximum traffic safety in all load classes thanks to two special screw bolts that firmly lock the grating and the channel body together.

Drainage channel MAXI PRO with protecting caps

Protecting caps

Protecting caps for the locking system provide additional anti-slip protection of the screws and protection against soiling.

more benefits
Drainage channel MAXI with load capacity up to class F900

High load capacity

The drainage channel MAXI PRO withstands loads up to class F 900.

The vertical outlet of the drainage channel MAXI PRO

Vertical outlet

Liquid-tight connection for ground pipes.

Preventing backwater and flooding

Project report on drainage in the small town of Lübz with the XY drainage channel in nominal width 300 mm. A particular challenge was the radial installation of the Eldestraße. Up to 70 cuts to channels were necessary.

Installation Instructions

Installation drawings for asphalt and paved surfaces. Principles for laying drainage channels and information on load classes according to EN 1433.

Drainage Channel MAXI PRO

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