Project Iron Foundry

Project Iron Foundry

HYDROTEC Technologies AG will move production capacities to Germany. The construction of one of the most modern iron foundries in Europe is intended to make a further contribution to climate protection and promote the regional economy.

Reuse of Cast Iron Products

We are manufacturer of cast iron products, which include manhole covers and gully tops. In our foundry we will produce according to the latest technical knowledge.
The cast iron products that leave the production processes can later be removed and recycelt even after many years. This is one aspect, which is relevant for producers and investors in construction measures.

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Strengthen Sustainability through Domestic Production

As an attractive employer, HYDROTEC wants to continue to bear social and environmental responsibility and break new ground. Less imports, more sustainability. That is the strategy to follow the long and short-term goals. "In materials, processing, manufacturing, transport and recycling, it will places great emphasis on minimising environmental impact and optimising resource consumption and manufacturing processes.

Our Sustainability Goals

By building one of the most modern iron foundries in Europe, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and work against climate change. We achieve this through shortened delivery routes, the use of the state of the art technology and the use of renewable energies.

Goals for Strengthening the Location Germany

Made in Germany

We would like to move part of our production capacities to from abroad to Germany.

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We would like to create 100 new qualified jobs.

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Regional economic development

We would like to support the regional economy.

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We can ensure not only our competitiveness but also our ability to deliver.

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Portrait photo Human Resources Manager Melanie Lüdeke-Dalinghaus

Melanie Lüdeke-Dalinghaus
Executive Board Advisor

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