Gully Top ECON

with spring lock and hinge

Load class C 250 / D 400
Standard DIN EN 124 / DIN 1229

The ECON gully tops for road drain are made of ductile cast iron. This makes the gully top robust and dampens high vibration energies. Equipped with the damping insert, premature wear is prevented. During maintenance, the hinge provides easier handling and the spring locking system secures the grate in the frame for a secure position. Ideal for kerb areas, parking lots, roads and pedestrian areas.

Product benefits

Gully top ECON with spring locking system

Spring locking system

The gully tops have a centered spring locking system. This is located underneath the grate and functions as a safety lock.

Gully top ECON with HYDROpren insert


The replaceable HYDROpren-insert is made of polychloroprene according to DIN 53505. The insert ensures high abrasion resistance and durability.

Gully top ECON with hinge


The design of the hinge enables 90° locking and 110° locking (inspection position) of the grate. At 90°, the grate can be completely removed if required.

Gully top ECON with liftable frame

Liftable frame

The smooth outer surface allows the frame to be easily lifted during road reconstruction work.

more benefits
Gully top ECON with pedestrian friendly slot width

Pedestrian friendly

With a slot width of 25 mm, the ECON gully tops are perfect for pedestrian areas.

Gully top ECON with openings for construction times drainage

Construction period drainage

Four openings in the frame provide for an optional construction period drainage. The openings can be closed with the supplied plastic plugs if necessary or at the end of the construction.

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