Drainage Channel HYDROblock


Ductile iron monolithic drainage channel

Load class F 900
Nominal width (mm) 100 | 150 | 200 | 300

The main causes for damage on a drainage channel are – especially in the heavy duty field, horizontal and thrust forces, that depending on the load can cause material fatigue of the channel body, the edge rail an the grates. The system HYDROblock® is made from rugged, ductile cast iron and can be used up to load class F900. The monolithic design with integrated socket seal reduces noise emissions and simplifies a liquid-tight installation.

Drainage channel HYDROblock

Product benefits

Drainage channel HYDROblock  is perfectly designed for crosswise traffic

Perfect for crosswise traffic

The channel withstands the highest loads (class F 900) and is ideally suited for longitudinal and crosswise traffic.

Drainage channel HYDROblock ist rattle-free in operation

Rattle-free operation

The channel is rattle-free in operation due to its monolithic design.

Drainage channel HYDROblock with reliable sealing

Smart seal system

HYDROblock® drainage channels are connected by an integrated seal which enables an immediate watertight connection without additional sealing.

Drainage channel HYDROblock in pedestrian design

Pedestrian design

HYDROblock® is also available with a slot width of 12 mm - standard slot width 22 mm.

More benefits
System HYDROblock - Type I


HYDROblock® is certified as a TYPE I channel according EN 1433 which means the channel is able to take horizontal forces without the need for concrete encasement. It only requires a load bearing concrete foundation.

Drainage channel HYDROblock with optional anchoring

Installation support / anchoring

The HYDROblock® feet can be used as an additional anchor point to the concrete foundation. Furthermore it facilitates the use of additional shims or clamps to level the HYDROblock® to a specific height.

Drainage channel HYDROblock with a connection for commercially available plastic pipes

Reliable sealing

The spigot end allows connection of commercially available plastic pipes.

Drainage channel HYDROblock with a mark for the flow direction

Flow direction

The marking of the flow direction guarantees easier laying of the channel elements.


Load test HYDROblock®

Project report

The signs point to expansion

With the paving of the container handling area in the Metrans port of Königs Wusterhausen, the rail transport company is expanding its logistics areas, and doing so from an ecological point of view in the drinking water protection zone designated here.

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Regina Sauer
Product Manager Drainage Technology

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