Installation Instruction for Tree Grate with Collision Protection

Mounting collision protection on the tree grate
1) Insert and Screw Together Base Parts

The 4 basic cast iron parts are first placed in the central opening of the tree grate.

The 4 basic parts must be screwed together:

• 4 pieces hexagon head screw M8
• 8 pieces washers
• 4 pieces self-locking nut M8

Tree grate collision protection attachment of the handgrip
2) Screw the Handrail

The cast iron handrail is placed on the 4 basic parts:

• 8 Stück countersunk screws
• 8 Stück washers
• 8 Stück self-locking nut M8

screwing tree guard with collision course
3) Screw the Tree Guard to the Collision Guard

Soll der Anfahrschutz mit einem Baumschutzgitter-Aufsatz verwendet werden, dann müssen die Gitterteile mit dem Anfahrschutz verschraubt werden.

• 8 Stück Senkschrauben
• 8 Stück Unterlegscheiben
• 8 Stück selbstsichernde Mutter M8

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