Installation Instruction for Pavable Tree Grates

Concrete foundation for square tree grate
1) Underground Preparation / Concrete Foundation

Create a gravel or sand bed of approx. 5 cm thickness on a load-bearing substrate and lay the concrete foundation on top. Join the foundation beams with tongue and groove. The foundation must be placed below the upper edge of the covering, reduced by the height of the insertion frame (check for each order). Please make absolutely sure that the foundation is installed level and parallel to the surrounding surface.

A traversability of up to 50 kN can only be guaranteed if the system is installed correctly.

Mounting the support surface paving tree grate
2) Place Support Frame on Concrete foundation

Place the two-part support frame on the concrete foundation and bolt it to the foundation using the following means:

• 4 hexagon wood screw M12
• 8 washer
• 4 nylon dowels

(fastening set not included in the scope of delivery)

Paveable tree grate screwing support frame
3) Screw Support Frame Together

Screw the two-part support frame together using the following means:

• 2 hexagon head screw M8x25
• 2 washer
• 2 hexagon nut M8

Support frame for paveable tree grate
4) Place the Beam in the Frame

Place the beams in the frame. The recess in the tabs welded on at the bottom marks the position for the inner frame.

Inner frame for paveable tree grate
5) Mount Inner Frame

Mount the two-part inner frame on the beams using the following means:

• 8 hexagon head screw M8x25
• 8 washer

Paveable tree grate with filter fleece
6) Lay Filter Fleece

Before paving, the grating is covered with a filter fleece.

Paving of the paveable tree grate
7) Paving

Note: Paving of the tree grate can only be done after planting. Please note that these instructions are for guidance only.

Installation instruction PDF

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