Manhole Cover EURO

low weight manhole cover made of cast iron

Load class D 400
Standard DIN EN 124

The EURO manhole cover was developed to provide a safe and ergonomic cover that is also very economically efficient. This has been achieved by making the manhole covers lighter in weight. Equipped with a spring locking system for a secure hold and a hinge for ergonomic opening, the EURO manhole cover is an intelligent solution in terms of ergonomics, ecology and safety.

Manhole cover EURO

Product benefits

HYDROpren insert

The replaceable HYDROpren insert consists of polychloroprene according to DIN 53505. The insert guarantees high abrasion resistance and longevity.


The hinge provides maximum safety during 90° locking against accidental closing of the cover, as well as in the 110° inspection position.

Locking system

The locking system ensures that the cover is securely positioned even under heavy loads and also provides protection against theft and vandalism.

Slip resistance

Criss-Cross Design minimizes traffic roll-over noise and improves anti-slip.

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