Drainage Channel MAXIpur


Drainage channel with damping insert

Load class A 15 – D 400
Nominal width (mm) 100 | 150 | 200

Not only rattling manhole covers, but also rattling drainage channels can annoy residents. Equipped with the established HYDROpur® System, the firmly molded, resistant insert from polyurethane, the MAXIpur drainage channel ensures a rattle free operation. Combined with the plastic edge rail the wear of the casted elements is minimized. Furthermore the plastic grate allows a grounding free drainage.

Drainage channel MAXIpur

Product benefits

Drainage channel with fixed cast insert

Monolithic shape

MAXIpur drainage channels have a firmly cast insert. This polyurethane insert is connected to the frame by a special injection process, thus merging two components into one innovative product.

Drainage channel with highlighted insert


When force is applied, the cast iron grating meets the polyurethane damping insert and no other cast elements. The insert ensures rattle-free function.

Drainage channel has a minimal wear

Minimum wear

The monolithic, firmly bonded insert ensures a better balance of forces and less wear on the materials. Depending on the load on the channel, longer operating times are possible.

Drainage channel is heat resistant up to 200 degrees

Heat resistance

The heat resistance of the drainage channel is about 200°C, so they are not damaged even when laying in hot asphalt.

More benefits
Drainage channel has a low abrasion


The insert has a more than 93 % lower abrasion value compared to an insert made of polychloroprene!

Manhole cover HYDROpur with good resistance


The insert is resistant to the following substances (measured on the test specimens after 200 hours storage at room temperature):

- frost and de-icing salt resistant
- chemically resistant
- mineral oil resistant

Drainage channel with screwless locking system

Screwless locking system

The gratings are equipped with a simple locking system, which are locked and unlocked using the installation bar (accessories).

Drainage channel is not conductive

Without grounding

In combination with the plastic cover, the drainage channel does not conduct electricity and is ideal for pedestrian areas, e.g. at stations, stops, suburban, railway areas.


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Regina Sauer
Product Manager Drainage Technology

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