Drainage Channel MINI


Landscaping/Gardening drainage channel according to DIN 1433

Load class A 15 – C 250
Nominal width (mm) 100

The MINI system according to DIN EN 1433 is a simple modular system for easy self-installation. The drainage channel does not require a concrete encasement (type I) and can be directly asphalted or paved. With the various grating options, the MINI system is the ideal drainage solution for house and courtyard areas, pedestrian zones and car parking spaces.

Drainage channel MINI

Product benefits

Drainage channel MINI is optimal for paving

Ideal for paving

The straight external surfaces guarantee an easy and smooth installation.

Drainage channel MINI with click-locking


The gratings can easily be locked with a simple click mechanism on the channel body.

Drainage channel MINI with fitting profile

Fitting profile

The elements can be joined together easily and without sliding due to sensible profiling on the end faces.

The vertical outlet of the drainage channel MINI

Vertical outlet

Optionally with factory-made Ø110 borehole for PP pipe DN 100 for connection to the ground pipe.

More benefits
Drainage channel MINI made of fiber reinforced concrete

Channel body

The concrete bodies are made of fibre-reinforced concrete (concrete strength C35/45).

Drainage channel MINI with different gratings


1. Slotted grating (A 15)
2. Mesh grating (B 125)
3. Iron slotted grating (C 250)


Drainage for the garden and house area

Installation instruction

Step by step guide

The drainage channel MINI is a simple modular system and can be installed without complicated procedures.

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Regina Sauer
Product Manager Drainage Technology

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