Tree Protection

Trees are very important for our cities. With their canopy of leaves, they regulate the micro climate, filter dust out of the air and reduce the noise caused by urban traffic. Since cities are in fact a hostile environment for trees, special protection measures are required. For many years, HYDROTEC has been doing extensive research in the field of tree protection and has developed effective systems in this regard ensuring a healthy tree growth.

The ground area of the trees is protected by square and round tree grates made of cast iron that consist of several segments. They are available in 5 different sizes and in two different designs. The individual segments are placed in a galvanized steel support frame that in turn rests on a concrete foundation. Each tree grate contains a segment with a closable opening for additional irrigation measures.

The tree grates made of cast iron are supplemented by a collision protector and a tree guard. The tree guard can be used in conjunction with the tree grate but also alone using pegs to fix it to the ground. Tree guards make a valuable contribution to the protection of newly planted and existing trees. They surround the trunk area and provide it with reliable protection against damages. Different types of tree protection bars are additionally available.

  • Collision protector

  • Tree guard

  • Tree protection bars